Where are club meetings held?

Ordinarily, we hold our meetings on the campus. Due to the pandemic, we have moved our meetings to Zoom. Here are our Zoom details for now:

Zoom Link:  

Meeting ID: 774 620 1109

Password: 390165

Do I need to contact a club member before attending?

You could contact us as [email protected], but that is not a prerequisite. Guests are always welcome.

How long do club meetings last?

Meetings ideally start around 6 pm on Tuesdays and finish around 8 pm. We try to be very punctual with our timeframe.

Do I need anything to bring to the club meeting?

No. You can bring a pen and paper if you would like. 

Meeting Participation 

What can a guest participate in?

  • Introduce yourself during the “Round Robin”. 
  • Volunteer to be a Table Topics speaker during the “Table Topics” event

What meeting roles are available to club members who are not TI members?

All meeting roles are available for the free members except the planned speakers and the speaker evaluators. 

Am I required to speak at a club meeting?

No. There is no such obligation to speak when visiting a club. You may simply observe if you wish.


Can anyone become a member?

Yes, anyone above the age of 18 can become a member. 

How much does it cost to become a club member?

  • Club membership cost is AUD10 annually 
  • TI membership cost is AUD72 biannually 

How do I become a member?

  • Express your interest to any of our club members
  • Make the payment to the following bank account, and fill a form if you wish to join TI
    • BSB: 063-238 
    • Account Number: 11139897
  • Email the form and the fee payment evidence to [email protected].